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Hi Friends —

We all have our favorite study Bible—Oxford Annotated, Harper Study, New Interpreter's. But none of us has a study Bible with footnotes and annotations from Charles Fillmore's lifetime of study and spiritual insight.

We got something like that nearly 10 years ago when I put out the online Bible with hyperlinks to the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary and the Revealing Word. It remains the most-visited part of TruthUnity.

The next step was the seven-month project of seven contributors who transcribed over 2,400 pages of Bible interpretations published by Unity from 1895-1965.

What is new is that I have begun reformatting the Bible chapters so they are easier to read and I have begun to add Metaphysical footnotes from Charles Fillmore's writings wherever I find them. Those chapters are highlighted in yellow on the ASV page. What this amounts to is a simple and accessible online version of a Fillmore Study Bible. I hope you like the format and the footnotes.

I will be adding new chapters as time goes on. Maybe one day soon we will have enough of these footnoted chapters to publish a printed Fillmore Study Bible. Wouldn't that be nice?

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Sunday, August 19, 2018