Seven Ways Unity is Not Nearly as Inclusive as We Think

Mark Hicks

Hi Friends -

This past week at the 2019 Unity People’s Convention in Overland Park, Kansas, I gave a talk based on an earlier version of this post. The name of the talk was “Deep Diversity and Grand Opportunity: Recognizing, Bridging and Blessing Traditionalists, Moderns and PostModerns in Unity.” You may download the 8-page handout and listen to the talk by clicking on the links further down.

I highlight seven ways that Unity is not as nearly inclusive and tolerant as we think. And that’s just happens to be from my perspective, which is representative of someone with a traditionalist worldview. If I had been joined by someone with a modern mindset and by someone with a postmodern mindset then we would have uncovered many more ways that our cultural blindness excludes and discourages growth in Unity. We can do better.

A worldview is a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world. As you will read below, our worldview is shifting from a modern to postmodern perspective. Not many religious denominations are able to accommodate the change and none that I know of are able to truly bridge cultural differences.

My sense is that Unity is particularly well suited to do exactly that. And, perhaps even more important, is that this change could also reflect a shift from an era of Evangelical Christianity to an era of Metaphysical Christianity. That is my personal belief and I have spoken about it several times.

If so, we in Unity will have to make a few adjustments to accommodate the opportunity. It begins with honest conversation about tolerance of cultural differences. This revised post and the talk I gave this week explains some of the things we must do. I am hopeful that we can meet those challenges.

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

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